Best CO2 Airsoft Pistols 2023 – Experienced Review

Airsoft CO2 Pistols are commonly referred to as compressed CO2. The transportable slide within the blowback models will provide recoil and realism for every back shot. This functionality is not available for the non-blowback pistols and greener with regards to its CO2 intake. The blowback models will drive the movement when released with CO2 expansion to propel the BB or pellets.

The popularity of CO2 Airsoft Pistols

Across the country, they are forming the Airsoft shooting leagues. When compared to the earlier stage, the CO2 Airsoft pistols are commonly found in various shelves such as Toy stores, Sporting Goods store, and many more. You can find below the list of reasons for its popularity:

  • First of all, it is much cheaper or affordable when compared with real guns. You need to pay at least several hundred dollars to purchase the high-end Airsoft guns but now; you can get it at a cheaper price. The workable CO2 Airsoft pistol will cost around $20.
  • When compared with the regular handguns, these CO2 Airsoft guns are secure and safe, it won’t even break your skin. It is advisable to take the precautionary measures before utilizing the high-end Airsoft guns. You need to wear the proper safety gear and eye protection mask for your safety.
  • The CO2 Airsoft handguns are much easier to maintain. It should be properly cleaned & lubricated with lesser maintenance time when compared with the regular handgun.


Best CO2 Airsoft Pistols 2020

Find below the list of best CO2 Airsoft Pistols 2020 available across the online platform for your reference:

1. Soft 1911 Aircolt CO2 Airsoft Pistol

The Soft 1911 Aircolt CO2 Airsoft Pistol is another classical-type handgun that offers the real feeling of handling the actual handgun. This is one of the best exceptional products that enabled with various firing options (i.e. firing option with 6mm blowback mode). The edges are perfectly finished with a complete metal body and have semi-automatic firing capabilities.

The real handgun weight is completely replicated on this Airsoft gun. This handgun’s grip is effectively textured for a strong and easy grip. For quick use, you can utilize the efficient and quick reloading panel. For any user types, this could be the best CO2 Airsoft pistols available within the marketplace.

Soft 1911 Aircolt CO2 Airsoft Pistol


  • Weight: 2.9 lbs, its authentic weight & size will offer a realistic feel and designed with full metal.
  • 6mm ammo semi-automatic shoots and holds 17 rounds of a magazine with 100 starter BBs.
  • 360 FPS powerful CO2 pistol.


  • Stylish shiny finish and black color.
  • Better gripping texture for handgrips.
  • Complete metallic body.
  • 360 FPS shooting capabilities.
  • Blowback gun with semi-automatic firing options.


  • The cartridge of this CO2 gun is leak-prone.

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2. Taurus PT92 Softair CO2 Airsoft Pistol

This is one of the real models with an excellent choice and suitable for any users who are looking for a practical and lightweight pistol. It has a 13 round magazine and weighs less than a pound. It has a removable lower rail and accuracy for front & rear sites with 377 FPS firing capabilities (excellent stats). The lower rail can be used to place the accessories. This is a non-blowback option and never includes the recoiling system similar to other gas-powered pistol models.

It also contains a filled CO2 cartridge with its affordable pricing below $30. The fully functioning thumb safety will offer better safety for users. This Taurus PT92 Airsoft pistol will utilize the .20G BBs and designed using the heavyweight polymer plastic. You could suffer a hard impact with shatter but much easier and simple to carry.

Best CO2 Airsoft Pistols 2020


  • Hunting style Softair with Sport type.
  • Taurus Pistol included with various components.


  • A great option for beginners.
  • Front & Rear sites.
  • CO2 Airsoft pistol with an excellent FPS.
  • No blowback option.


  • While firing, sometimes jams.
  • Magazines may not lock sometimes and difficult to load.

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3. Black Ops 2.5-inch Exterminator Airsoft Pistol

The Black Ops 2.5-inch Exterminator Airsoft Pistol with full metal Pellet or BB guns & Chrome finishing will resemble the real classic handguns. It reloads a real handgun by featuring the real classic manual outlook. Similar to the real gun, this is completely made up of a metal body figure. This Airsoft pistol or revolver also includes the manual round reload cartridge. Most of the Cowboy movies will showcase this handgun with its instant and swift to reload it practically.

You can feel the real handgun with its fast and powerful enough gun features. The gun’s soft polymer grip will work much better with increased consistency. When compared with the other handguns, it reloads using the 6-shot cylinder. You will never doubt about the gun’s accuracy. This handgun is designed using the adjustable & precise fiber optics along with the smooth hand barrel.

Black Ops 2.5-inch Exterminator Airsoft Pistol


  • The smooth double-action hammer, a 4-inch barrel, and adjustable fiber options to ensure precision.
  • Numerous options are available to utilize for customization and accessories like Picatinny rails.
  • Full metal construction will offer authentic 6-shot, CO2 power, and polymer grip for a longer lifespan and enhanced consistency.


  • Available with various options for customization & accessories.
  • Ejector rod combined with a 6-shot cylinder.
  • Powerful barrel at 2.5-inches.
  • It can easily shoot BBs and pellets.
  • Better gripping using the polymer grip.



  • A little bit expensive than its features.

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4. Bear Boa River BB CO2 Airsoft Pistol

The Bear Boa River BB CO2 Airsoft Pistol is another most powerful CO2 pistol available across the marketplace. The flawless semi-automatic firing system will enhance the firing rate at clocks with an excellent speed of 417 FPS. The most impressive magazine will allow the gun to hold up to a maximum of 20 pellets. The magazine is much easier to refill or remove and an ideal choice for beginners. This gun is a perfect choice to shoot and enjoy during the play.

You can make use of the Picatinny rail (available at the bottom side) to mount your preferred choice of accessories along with its molded grip. The user can gain better accuracy using the rear-side iron sites and protect the pellets from firing using the effective safety switch. It is designed with the combination of metal & reinforced polymers to weigh below a pound. This is another blowback handgun and even accurate with its pricing.


  • Make use of the Picatinny rail (available at the bottom side) to mount your preferred choice of accessories.
  • It will never run out of ammo or caught with empty-handed. You can take advantage of the competition by using its larger 20 round clips.
  • This handgun offers flawless semi-automatic firing capabilities and pulls the trigger at your preferred fastest speed. It will also never jams during your shooting competition.
  • This high-powered handgun will get your ammo much faster to reach your target at 410 FPS speed.
  • Never choose the spring action gun, your hands should be filled with this CO2 Airsoft pistol to feel the power.


  • This handgun utilizes large magazines for pellets or BBs.
  • Best Airsoft pistol with a high FPS.
  • Room available to place accessories such as Laser sites, etc.
  • Realistic Blowback model.


  • Sluggish Trigger.
  • Reduced Accuracy.

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5. Umarex 92A1 Beretta CO2 Airsoft Pistol

The Umarex 92A1 Beretta CO2 handgun is another replication of the real handgun that offers the basic gun knowledge and combat training. When compared with the actual handgun, it offers the exact similar weight. It will perfectly resemble the real gun with its outer & as well as inner setup. This Airsoft pistol is completely designed using the metal to offer a better grip and match the real gun’s figure & weight.

Similar to real ones, it also includes the ejection ports and field strips. It is also possible to clearly view the ejection port within the magazine. This blowback pistol will feature refills and safety clips. It is much easier to start a training session with this safety gun on how to handle the real gun. This will never make real damage and also safety for your child. The Umarex 92A1 CO2 Airsoft pistol is another best pistol available across the marketplace to use.

Best CO2 Airsoft Pistols 2020 – Experienced


  • Perfect shoots using the 177 caliber steel BBs and speed up to a maximum of 310 FPS.
  • This handgun is powered with the 12-gram CO2 cartridges. CO2 is not included with this product.
  • It offers realistic blowback action using the 18-shot BBs pistol.


  • Best Airsoft pistol with affordable pricing.
  • It is possible to view the magazine.
  • Until last round, you can long-last using the slide lock.
  • This handgun is an ideal choice for learning the fire-arming lesson.
  • It is available with full automatic mode as well.


  • It is not possible to shoot with pellets.
  • The Orange tip is not available.

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6. WG 1911 U.S. Combat CO2 Airsoft Pistol

The WG 1911 CO2 Airsoft pistol is another best pistol utilized in the United States country and comes with multiple Airsoft counterparts. This handgun is affordable and most reliable which is designed with a combination of metal and plastic. The realistic blowback gun will produce the best ABS frame and Metal slide.

You can gain better accuracy and aiming to use the adjustable rear sight. It is included with a functional safety to provide an effective training session. This handgun weighs around 2 lbs and even the working hammer will offer the realistic rail system and trigger sensitivity.

Best CO2 Airsoft Pistols


  • Working hammer with 2 lbs weight.
  • The Speed with a maximum of 500 FPS, 1:1 scale & Magazine with 16 rounds.
  • Non-blowback gun with a realistic heavy weight & rail system.
  • It features with functional safety, patented CO2 cartridge magazine, and adjustable rear sight.
  • This handgun includes the adjustable hop-up, ABS frame & Metal slide, and powered with the CO2 Airsoft model.


  • Realistic weight.
  • Hammer and Safety functioning.
  • Reasonable Front & Rear site.
  • Realistic Blowback gun.


  • It is hard to remove the magazine.

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CO2 Airsoft Pistol – Buying Guide

Most of the CO2 Airsoft pistols will offer similar features and won’t showcase any differences. Find below the list of important things to consider while purchasing the best CO2 Airsoft pistols:

Warranty – It is most important to consider the manufacturer’s warranty while purchasing the CO2 Airsoft pistols. If it is not backed with a proper warranty feature then you may consider another product.

Customer Rating – This is another important criteria while buying the best CO2 Airsoft pistols. You are not sure about the CO2 Airsoft pistol working process until you try it out. Hence, it is advisable to check the Customer rating or review on the Amazon website or other reliable websites for your reference.

Storage – You need to check the weight & size of your CO2 Airsoft pistol to store it properly. It is also required to consider the climate type for storing your CO2 Airsoft pistol.

Durability – The handgun’s durability is measured using the manufacturing process quality and the utilized materials. Moreover, the durability should be not affected by your purchased CO2 Airsoft pistol.

Color – CO2 Airsoft pistols are available in numerous colors. If you prefer to choose any color of your choice then it should not affect the operation’s efficiency.

Size – Most of the CO2 Airsoft pistols come in different sizes. You need to determine the handgun’s best size based on your utilization. It is advisable to check the Customer review about the purchased unit on the Amazon website or other reliable websites for your reference.

Material – CO2 Airsoft pistols may differ on materials by each manufacturer. You need to determine the utilization (how and where) of your CO2 Airsoft pistols and choose the best material to use.

Demand – It is a good indication to know the demand of any CO2 Airsoft pistol with regards to its design and the ability to perform certain operations or functions. If you can identify a product that is highly-demanded and available for a while, will be a good product to purchase.

Pricing – Pricing is one of the most important factors to consider while purchasing the best CO2 Airsoft pistol. You can easily identify the product’s value based on its pricing. It is recommended to compare the products with multiple websites to know the fair pricing. You can also check the Amazon website to get the exact pricing.

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