Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle Review {2022} – Lowest Price here

Daisy powerline 880 is one of the most talked pellet guns available and is known to have the maximum pallet velocity of 670 fps. In this 670 fps is with lead pallets and also with BBs, the velocity is 800 fps. This is a multipurpose bolt-action pilot gone available and is known to deliver a good performance as well.

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Daisy Powerline 880 Review

When it comes to looking at the components available to make it, then it is composed of metal components and plastic components both. The barrel is composed of steel along with resin shroud, and it is fully rifled as well. A person is getting engaged in the activities where they required shooting all day then this pallet gun is the right choice for them to consider.

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Daisy Powerline 880 review

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Daisy Powerline 880 Review


Daisy powerline880 is one of the accurate unavailable. When you wish to focus on the things accurately, then this is the right one for you to consider. Accuracy is a must to consider because if accuracy is not there, then a person will not be able to learn things effectively.


This is very light in weight. It will not feel heavy on your hands, and if you wish to get engaged in the whole day shooting activities, you can go for the same as well by getting available with this one.


This one is powerful, as well. If you feel like that it is not known to deliver power, then you just have a mistake considering it. It is the best price for you to consider when you wish to get available with a powerful pallet gun.

Easy to pump:

Usually, when a person is using a rifle, they find it difficult to Pump it up. But with Daisy powerline 880 there is no need for you to feel like this way at all. It is available with a long pump are more which will help you to Pump it easily. When you are getting engaged in target practice than 3-5 pumps are great for you to consider and when you are going for hunting than 10 pump produces the maximum velocity.

Noise level:

Usually, people face issues considering the noise as well. With Daisy powerline 880 there will be no need for you to worry about the noise as well. It will not produce a lot of noise, and no one will be going to get disturbed a lot by your activities.

Easy to operate:

Usually, people find it difficult to operate their arrival. With Daisy powerline 880, there is no need for a person to worry about the same as well. If they are aware of the procedure which they are supposed to follow when it comes to operating it, then they can easily go with it. As we have mentioned that the weight is less so that you can easily operate it.

Budget effective:

This rifle is budget effective as well. If you are among those who are not available with a very high budget are you feeling like that you cannot afford a product at a very high price then this is the right choice for you to consider. All the features are available in this Daisy powerline 880, and there is no need for you to feel like any of the features is missing.

There might be chances that you will not be able to use it for a longer duration, or you get bored, but this is the right choice for you to consider whenever you are looking forward to learning about shooting perfectly.

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Other features:

Big and come up with a 50 shot capacity, the shooting the test acquired by this is 291 yards. Also, the best part about this gun is it is available with multi-pump pneumatic as well. Therefore there is no need for you to worry about the same as well. Also, fibre optic nerve and why is available and also the rear site is adjustable.


  • Light in weight, 3.70lbs
  • Noise is not very much
  • Made of plastic and steel both
  • Easy to handle for whole day activities
  • Design is also interesting
  • Shooting glass is available
  • Shot capacity offered is up to 50


  • Sometimes accuracy may create trouble.
  • When a person is looking forward to loading the pallet into Daisy powerline 880, then the process is very slow.
  • If one is looking forward to shotting at 40 feet, then they cannot go with it effectively.
  • There is some problem with Precision as well.
  • Durability cannot be expected.

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Final Words:

These are the things linked with Daisy powerline 880. All the features available with it will not only make it a word stress to consider but will also help you to invest your money at the right destination. Also, the best part about Daisy powerline 880 is if you are a new one who has no idea about how to get engaged in such activities then also this is the right choice for you to consider.

Therefore make sure you are purchasing it by getting through all the features available in. If you feel like that the features for which you are looking is not available, then you can quit this option and look for some other options available. But make sure you are not compromising with any of the parameters at all. Also, it is a must for you to know about the features because this will help you to understand the things which are a must for you to have you are learning about it or you are looking forward to purchasing it.

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If you are looking forward to purchasing it or you are having something else in your mind, then do let us know in the comment section below. We will try to get back to you with the solution and will also resolve the queries you are having.

Also, we will help you to understand whether it is the right choice for you for the purpose you are looking or not. Make sure you are getting aware of the purpose for which you are looking forward to investing in it, and also you know how to use them effectively.

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