Best Airsoft Glock of 2023

The handgun allows you to quickly switch to another weapon while looking for a blanket to reload or correct obstacles. To help you, you can use an airsoft gun instead of the main gun, which is not suitable for specific situations. For example, air sniper rifles are slow to use, so if the sniper changes position, the pistol can enter the line of defense. In some games, players can only use air pistols. These are usually high-intensity quarter games. In this case, your arm will look weird. I don’t want reduced waste.

In the end, you have to maintain a balance between playing style and quality. In light of reality, the form of the air pistol is essential. We all want something that fits our hands and tastes. Let’s talk about the Airsoft Pistols Hopefully; the choice will be more comfortable.

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1. Umarex Glock 17

Umarex Glock 17 Blowback Reviews

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Glock provides excellent protection for licenses and licensing companies. Many weapons mimic Glock 17, but only Umarex is officially licensed. Umarex has been manufacturing high-quality weapons and weapons for decades. Umarex Glock 17 is a simple pistol that perfectly mimics Glock 17 Gen 4.The fourth generation of coarse texture firmly fixes the pistol. The slider is made of aluminum, and the handle frame is entire of a polymer. The recoil air gun reproduces the recoil and slide movement. The pistol not only shocks the sight of Glock but also has the security of a traditional and complete Glock trigger. It has a Glock accessory rail and is compatible with real steel accessories. Umarex Glock 17 is compatible with almost all Glock cases on Earth, so there are hundreds of options for magazine cases and bags.


  • Glock 17 air pistol officially recognized
  • 4th generation RTF Grip Mounted
  • Traditional Glock Trigger Security


  • Long-range precision limit view
  • Difficult to control

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2.WE 18C

Glock 18 is a romantic pistol. It’s Glock 17, and one of the essential differences is the cluck switch. The rattle switch represents a pistol that can be fired automatically and semi-automatically. The WE 18C is a realistic reproduction of the classic machine gun. Like the real Glock 18, it has a metal slide and a polymer frame.

There are 24 6mm packs, and you can switch from semi-automatic to fully automatic by pressing the switch. For this reason, the edges do not match in most pistols. The modified WE 18C notch is identical to the current Glock 18.WE 18C is a gas pistol that can still be used. The WE 18C is very useful not only for shooting pleasure but also for orientation exercises. It is as reliable as fire, realistic, and exhales.

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  • Fully automatic
  • The capacity of 24 magazines
  • Full blowback
  • Realistic calibration


  • Ugly
  • No trigger safety

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3. Airsoft Revolver: Dan Wesson Magnum

Dan Wesson Review

Dan Wesson Magnum is an entirely modern revolver that inherits the roots of an old school. It is not only a model of Magnum Revolver but also Magnum Airsoft. These six shooting functions can fire 6mm BBs at speeds up to 499 FPS. There are barrels of different lengths from 4 inches to 8 inches.

Dan Wesson Magnum comes with an Electric CO2 revolver with an adjustable rearview mirror, an all-metal structure, and six brass housings. The carbon dioxide compartment is hidden by the ergonomic handle and can be easily replaced. Dan Wesson is a double-action or single-action revolver. It is a fully licensed design with the same look and performance. With such a six-barrel cannon, you will surely remember it.

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  • CO2 power revolver
  • 499 FPS rated
  • Six pieces of dense brass housing included
  • Double and single-action design


  • Squares and blocks
  • More expensive than inexpensive pistols

4. Electric Pistol: Umarex HK P30

BBTac Airsoft Pistol  Reviews

Umarex HK P30 and the famous HK P30 are produced in a one to one ratio. This facilitates the use of other cases. Umarex is a large and renowned company that offers exceptional customer service and insurance. For electric weapons, it’s cheaper. The comprehensive coverage of Umarex can be easily found in most stores. It’s always lovely to see licensed weapons from real gun manufacturers, and the Umarex P30 is a great way to master German skills. The main drawback is the relatively slow speed of 180 feet per second, which most stun guns expect.

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  • Picatinny rail mounting to fix flashlight, laser, etc.
  • In fully automatic mode, the definition must be dispensed at the rate of 200 sheets per minute.
  • Electric rear blow model
  • Manual safety
  • Include other magazines


  • Hard to practice
  • Hard trigger
  • Stability

5. Blowback Pistol: KWA M9 PTP

The KWA M9 PTP is one of the best toy guns on the market. It is a fully metallic air pistol with the same manufacturing process as the Beretta M9 pistol. It is a high-performance airsoft pistol but reproduces the look and feel of the current M9. Like the real M9, it reproduces realistic sliding locks and security. It has a new light gas piston, which provides a faster and more realistic delivery movement while maximizing performance per shot. The M9 is the choice of the U.S. military, so you can also choose cases, grips, and other accessories. Easily find KWA M9 tactical leg gear, shoulder gear and more.


  • Powered by green gas
  • Metal cart and alloy frame
  • 24 magazines
  • Adjustable rim


  • Perception
  • Exercise

6. Blowback Airsoft Pistol: ASG CZ-P09

The CZ P09 is the new tactical product of the CZ 75 series pistol. It comes with a polymer frame, integrated Picatinny rails, and a three-point display mask. The ASG variant is a fully licensed CZ weapon and incorporates all of the latest P 09 movement improvements. This model is naturally backwashed and implements a gas Backwashing system. There are 25 laps in this magazine.

Twenty-five can accommodate the last side arms with fresh air. The explosion of 6 mm balls at 279 fps. The gun has an adjustable loading hopper and incorporates a real steel DA / SA system. The pistol is delivered with a metal cursor and an external metal barrel. The large pistol with a large full grip allows you to hold the gun higher. This allows better control of the system and reduces recoil and uplift of the mouth. Indoors, it’s an excellent weapon for modern airsoft equipment.


  • Modern Picatinny slides for mounting accessories.
  • CO2 compressed air gun
  • The capacity of 24 magazines
  • 279 FPS


  • Tactical Skill
  • Injury(May happen)

7. Co2 Powered Airgun: Beretta Elite 2

Umarex provides a means of obtaining licenses from the most significant gun companies in the world. They found an opportunity for Beretta and incorporated it into the production of Beretta Elite 2. On the classic Beretta 92 / M9 series model, but additional rails can add lighting, lasers, etc. Elite 2 is an all-polymer pistol suitable for all players. It provides correct semi-automatic action without recoil.

Equipped with a standard and inexpensive 12g CO2 cartridge, this is a 1: 1 replica of Beretta. Elite 2 has a realistic 15 + 1 magazine that fully recreates the functionality of a real Beretta magazine. Without recoil from the cannon, the reputation of the FPS increases and the gun can fire at a rate of fire of 380 FPS. Elite 2 is an excellent pistol for beginners and professionals. The arms have significant advantages in terms of performance and price.


  • Realistic magazine 15 + 1
  • Reversing pistol not propelled with CO2
  • 380 FPS
  • Accessory rails for the latest accessories


  • Accuracy
  • Cost

8. Colt 1911: KWC Colt 1911 Railgun

Colt 1911 is a legendary pistol. Inspired by many models based on Browning principles and having served the country for many generations, it is one of the most productive airsoft in history. The 1911 air pistol is a common choice, and there is no better version than the KWC Colt 1911 rail pistol. The KWC 1911 rail pistol has a Picatinny rail to hold the flashlight and laser.

It is airsoft made entirely of metal and weighs about the same weight as a mature pistol from 1911. The KWC 1911 has a three-point field of vision with a functional frame and grip security, knotted front and rear teeth. It is the new body of the classic Colt 1911. KWC 1911 is a gas discharge design.

It can hold 14 towers in a magazine and is made entirely of stainless steel with a faux wood handle. The weapon detonated BB at 345 FPS and acted as an absolute champion.


  • Stainless steel surface
  • 345 FPS
  • 14 rounds magazine
  • Rail system for installation of accessories


  • Grip
  • Price

9. UTG Sport 1911

The UTG Sport 1911 is not only a cheap air pistol but also reliable. Known for its exceptional ergonomics in 1911, it is now fully translated into UTG 1911. Wide grip angle, elegant and comfortable grip. You get a traditional 1911 design, all in metal. For beginners on a limited budget, it is difficult to find a better option.


  • On springs
  • Built-in a valid 1911: 1: 1 ratio, it’s easy to find the right holster, including traditional and tactical options.
  • It uses 100 round chargers and comes with two chargers. Excellent function even at slow shooting speeds.
  • Problem with Frame Magazine
  • Manual safety and grip
  • Fixed jump
  • Hard black matte finish


  • Unstable
  • Price

10. KWA M93R-2

The KWA M93R-2 is one of the most versatile and most refreshing choices for airsoft. Lightweight, compact pistol with three shots and semi-automatic mode. This is very useful for snipers who need a little more firepower than standard guns. The KWA Beretta 93R fits most M9 Phillips cases, but you can find exceptional circumstances. Larger magazines and expansion buckets are slightly more than usual, but increase the efficiency of the platform. If you need a cool universal gun, the M93R is challenging to use. Ideal for snipers who need more firepower than standard pistols


  • Foldable front handles are provided for easy control, and there are 32 vast stores. This allows you to initiate a BB burst by switching between stable capacity and 360-380 feet per second.
  • Reversing gun powered by green gas
  • All-metal construction, including frame rails and folding forks
  • Ensure constant fire in all rounds with the efficient and reliable KWA NS2 gas system.


  • Weight
  • Price
  • Hard Trigger

11. Glock 19 Gen3 CO2 .177 Air Gun Pistol

Compared to standard size options, the Glock 19 is smaller and ideal for versatile characters. Caliber.177 the Glock 19 CO2 Airsoft replica is small and easy to use and looks great with the original pistol. Despite its short length of just 7.25 inches, it can fire a 0.177 caliber steel BB with a caliber of up to 410 FPS and a caliber of 25.6 ounces.


  • 410 fps
  • Button safety integrated into the trigger
  • CO2 capsule 12g taken (excluding CO2)
  • CO2 Allen key stored on the rear belt
  • Steel BB 0.177 Calories
  • Glock conventional U-shaped rearview and white point front view
  • 15 laps without dropping magazines
  • Integrated circuit breaker rail


  • Trigger difficult to learn
  • Not compact enough to hide and carry



  1. What should I wear when I’m using an airsoft gun?

It always recommends wearing protective glasses to avoid eye injuries.

  1. Can an Airsoft gun blow a glass?

It depends on the gun’s SPF and the density of the glass. For example, spring-loaded arms at low FPS do not break the durable glass. But the thin glass can break. AEG shot at more than 400 FPS, on the other hand, may well break the thick glass.


Beginners often choose spring pistols. Each shot requires a rooster but tends to be more robust and stable as there are no moving parts that make up the pistol. Many high-performance airsoft sniper rifles are also spring-loaded.

  1. What is AEG Airsoft pistol?

The AEG (electric pistol) operates on battery and generally works in semi-automatic and fully automatic modes. If you keep the trigger pressed (if the ammunition is not complete), the AEG will fire continuously in fully automatic mode. The AEG is generally the most popular soft air pistol.

  1. What do gas and carbon dioxide engines mean?

Some guns depend on pneumatic power, not springs or the battery. Air guns and carbon dioxide guns are the most popular guns, but air guns are also available. Many advanced CO2 guns have a “backflow” function that adds realism when the weapon is in use.

  1. Are AIRSOFT GUNS dangerous?

Airsoft guns are generally safe as long as you follow the correct safety rules. Eye protection is still required, but you can wear a vest, gloves, and knee/elbow pads to provide additional protection. Check local laws on the use and transportation of air pistols to make sure they do not violate the law.


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