Best Optic for Glock MOS (Best Gun Scope)

‘Decision towards picking up the right product gives you a sense of content’. Glock is expanding its line of the Gen4 MOS pistols but this one is expanding on the larger fashion. The use of this optic is to have a perfect angle along with personal security pistols.

This MOS stands for the ‘Modular Optic system’ and this makes more comprehensible its mounting method. Picking up this product initially it removes the requirement for the costly custom machining of the slide. Here is the list of best optic for Glock mos.

  1. The Best Red Dot Pistol Sight for the money

This one has kept it in its family and had the earliest red dot sights for the handguns. The third generation of this product is very fresh. It comes in both the dat 3- MOA dot and an 8- MOA dot along with the most perfect feature of handgun usage.

Three intense settings make it a perfect model with the feature of automatic adjustment mode. The pickup of red dot pistol is automatic adjustment which makes the whole purchase easy and simple.

They also use a Picatinny mount and this even fits one of common miniature red dot footprint. Counting on its other feature is reliable and durable. The best part about this is its lifetime warranty.


  • This weighs 1.5 ounces
  • 3 brightness settings, 1 automatic setting
  • This has even top-loading battery
  • Get a lifetime warranty
  • Ultralight
  • It can be mounted closely to any of the handguns without milling
  1. C- More Small Tactical sight

Although, if you are first time user then this product may look tricky to you! C- more is a little bit compact and that finely permits it to compliment with the Glock.

This has capacity of water-resistant for one meter because of the O-ring sealed. C- More even comes along with removable battery tray for the quick zero- in. The red dot helps in saving up the battery and this even automatically turns off if it would have not been used for eight hours.

If you would have been using this product then you must know this that it can be found with an aircraft-grade aluminium body. This one is promising that it will be sturdy and long-lasting. C-more employs MOA red dot reticles along with a manual with the quality of flexible brightness.

See in such sort of product people really need to have a perfect balance of brightness and this product is giving exactly the demanded wish. Here it has one more quality and that is windage and elevation and this is flexible to 1 MOA each and this comes along with a positive locking screw.


  • Feature of eye relief
  • Compact and auto-off featured
  • NO requirement of the re-zero when changing the battery
  • A quick target acquisition
  1. The best overall red dot for pistols #1: Leupold Delta point

Leupold delta point is one of the new SIG P320 which is recently taken on by the United States military which has been cut. This one is also beating other products because what this [product has others do not have.  Delta is best for the use of senses category such as military and police and home defence, other competition. It has been made very carefully because the bomb-proof design has been used in it.

Here, they have used various sized reticles along with the 7.5 MOA model and this is one of the feature. Why this falls perfectly in the category of duty and defensive use. It even makes it quick and appropriate shooting in a more possible variety of situations.  Aspheric lens increases the weight age of its importance and this is even comfortable and amiable with handguns. Leupold even attaches along with simple to all the popular handgun systems.


  • It is made up of the aluminium and steel
  • This is even 100 % waterproof
  • The ability of motion- sensing advancement comfortably turns the optic off and on.


  1. Trijicaon RMR 3.25 MOA flexible LED Red Dot Sight

There is a red dot sight which has been constructed with the help of the forged 7075- T6 aircraft aluminium- alloy material. Because of its strong structure and this is capable of withstanding heavy recoil and impact.

Trijicon 3.25 MOA is flexible LED red dot sight is even tightly packed and lightweight. This even measures 4.5 mm in the span and weighs 1.25 ounces.

They have used a CR2032 Lithium battery and this even makes a deal for coupling and mounting along with your Glock. And this is even of small size.  Here, the lens is even multi-coated for the maximum light transmission. The only thing which you will have to deal with is its poor battery arrangement and it is contended in the unreliable quality.


  • Facility of compact
  • Strong construction
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable brightness mode


  1. Best budget pistol red dot #1: The Bushnell TRS 25

There is a Bushnell TRS 25 which is even a compact red dot and a perfect one if someone is searching cheap. Bushnell is available in the cheapest red dot that is even a piece of junk on the market. This is one of best product for using hobbyist, sport; shooters and it even small game hunters.

It is 25 small in appearance and tube-based on red dot along with 11 sorts of brightness settings. Bushnell has even an integral Picatinny rail mount and this needs adding a Picatinny rear sight mount or an integral rail for your gun.

There is a feature of 3- MOA reticel and this is even better for the long-range shooting than close-range shooting. The optic design has been kept simple and very effective that is why it is one of great equipment for 22 LR pistols or revolvers.


  • It is fully multi-coated lenses
  • 3- MOA red dot with 11 brightness settings
  • 25 mm objective lenses
  1. ADE advanced optics huracan

This is one of very good featured pistol red dot sight for the fresher. And those who might be in search of a reflex sight with a strict budget. There are some things make it worthwhile because of its whistles and bells. And this pretty well balances every offer it gives with a clear view of your target.  What is the best part about it is that it even speeds up the target.

Those who do not know that this model is available with 5 illumination settings and these features help in reticle clear and crisp in all the situations.  There is a sight on/ off depth button is placed on its side and this is really simple to use even with only one hand. ADE uses model green dot rather of a red one but keep this in mind that the battery of this product is difficult to change.


  • The best deal with this model is that it is available at a cheap price. This is one of the best choices for those who are looking for good product with a secured price. It has even feature of the airsoft enthusiasts.


  1. Vortex Venom red dot top load 3 moa dot

It is one of favourite Glock reflex sights is the vortex Venom red Dot top load 3 MOA dot. There comes along with an extremely rugged construction which even makes it shockproof. Vortex even permits good sight and heavy recoil and impact. This has even feature of waterproof so whenever one uses to finish it.

This would even produce the slightest glare because of its indurate finish. Alternatively, this even produces limitless eye relief for securing your eyebrows from sudden recoil.

The red dot sight has this ability to measure 1.9 inches in length and it weighs 1.1 ounces. There is vortex venom red dot top load offers a feature of catching the red dots perfectly. Means this product allows one to see red dot clearly and that is how the user’s aiming become easy.

The use of 3 MOA red dot reticle offers ten sorts of brightness which obviously sets flexibility behaviour and things easier for them. So if you want you can even easily shift this manually or you may even pick up for the auto mode for ensuring easier and simple sight. Because of this would be the case then red dot would be easy to catch!


  • Long-lasting feature
  • Limitless eye relief
  • Parallax free
  • Feature of waterproof and shockproof
  • Lifetime warranty


  1. Burris 300235 Fast fire III no mount 3 MOA sight (Black)

Burris fast fire is one of the best products when it comes to commitment and other things the product has passed the phase. That is why it is best Glock reflex sight and there is a lifetime warranty with this product. Because the manufacturer has worked on offering high-quality materials! Feature of high-quality products makes it’s sturdy and best in performance.

The battery of the product is of course quite commendable because it longs last. So whenever, you use that it becomes easy for the users.

The brightness of the product is flexible and it is adjustable. Extreme best quality of this product permits users to get warned before the battery goes on its last leg. There will be three red dot sizes for the sight and various levels of the illumination which can be switched with the push of the button.


  • Affordable price
  • Lifetime relation
  • Feature of automatic brightness adjustment
  • The warning bell for the battery (before it gets low)
  1. Trijicon RMR 6.5 MOA

The trijicon RMR pistol red dot sight is available in large 6.5 MOA reticle. This product is best because it has this feature of 8 flexible brightness settings. It is kin do freedom which let users go for comfort and simplicity. There is one the good thing about this product is that it is available with two-night vision settings (is it a not a good thing?).

This very feature helps in low- light plus no- light conditions. Trijion has this one more feature of bright setting which is extremely best especially when you would like to shoot this with your handgun properly. This is a universal truth that the role of brightness in the optic is prominent.

It is because this alone feature allows its users to pick up freedom rather than restrictions. On the other hand, the battery will be along with you for 4 years.


  1. Trijicon RMR Type 2 pistol red dot sight

The trijicon RMR sort of 2 might come along with a firm price and this even worth it and more. This model can be found in rugged design and instead of the fact that the sight is instead of the small. This product is very much determined to offer the best results even when you employ even in rough conditions.

There is tiny top shelf model, designed with the professionals in the mind. Those who might be planning to use this product then you need to look develop your shooting skills and with time you will become master of it. This is very easy to use and simple that is why users find it worth spending their money on it.

The only thing which would hurt you is that it is very expensive. It is not affordable for those customers who are looking for best product in cheap price. But if you can go little bit ahead then do not leave this product because it deserves to be clicked up.


  • Awesome feature – This model offers an awesome performance which might develop your aiming skills and with the time you can discover more.
  • Its ability of fast target (as the product comes along with a large red dot and this steps in catching the dot)

A complete guideline for picking u best optic

It is obvious when people will have not the right guide then they will get confused with many things.  But before purchasing any product some of the things are necessary that you stick to those choices otherwise this will cause you a great deal. Here is the list of it –

Battery commitment 

So those who avoid it or do not know how much importance this feature should be given? Well, first of all, if you were walking on the same path of a myth that battery is avoidable then you will ditch yourself. The life of the battery decides how you are going to be with your product.

Suppose you buy a product and you do not get the opportunity to spend your time on it. It dies before it should then your buying will become a bane for you. There are some of the models which employ CR2032 batteries and this is one of very faithful battery.

Automatic brightness feature

So if you do not know how to balance your brightness worry not! You still have chances to do that because red dot sights are known for using an automatic brightness trait. This even comes along with a light sensor and the work o this light sensor is to detect the brightness! The other thing which it does that it automatically shifts the reticle’s brightness and this very feature helps the red and green dots to be spotted easily.

These things are a perfect blend of everything and this feature even use the sight very easily; even beginners will be able to use that. It may be psoos9ibel that the reticle will be bright for many people but it is of course not necessary. This will be with everyone!

Night vision and extreme brightness 

 Now, of course, it is one such feature which should be in the priority list. Many people even do not know about it and because of this, they boycott it easily. The night vision mode permits for using the red dot sight properly even in the condition of low- light and no- light conditions.

This becomes mandatory that whenever you use any product so you can use them well and these things make it proper.  If someone is planning for mounting the reflex sight on your home then this will be a perfect pick up.

Large size dot 

 This is also one of such feature which helps its users to use it more perfectly. Anything which is over than 3.5 MOA is known for its large size dot. Well, the role of this feature so of course a lot and those who do not know about it before purchasing they must know. The dots of this large size are large in size and that is who they are clearer to be noticed.


talking about the size the role of it is so much whether you believe it or not it is one of the most important elements in this optic. Without it, you will not be able to know where the dots are and how they may help you in everything. Well, the size means it obviously sets a flexible choice.

So it much depends on how are you going to spend on your product and what you are looking for the product?  First, you decide and determine your choice then you stick to that whatever you are searching for that.

On the other hand, if you own a license for the hidden carry one need to actually search for a miniature red dot sight. Still, then users will be able to use the ankle holster. So when you look for your product it becomes very necessary you do not ignore size and this is how it will help you to get comfortable.


Pistol red dots sights have to be lightweight. But if you are thinking for the compact handgun then the weight is the first thing to notice. See, it is very necessary to clear that which things should be noticed and which things not. There are full-sized pistols maybe even large so this would be bale in advocating sights.

So if you are thinking about the heavy red dot on your pistol, they also know this that. The extra weight might hurt the balance of your handgun. Many get stuck with this focusing on accuracy and this is why they even ignore the heavy sight of your pistol.

Reticle brightness

It is one of more visible and this even makes it clear and crisp. There are two ways which can be used to manage the reticle of the sight and its brightness. But of course, it is also an important feature of it.


There are red dot sights are strong enough to make your firearm recoil. It has some models which are like the Trijicon RMR sort. The whole construction is base and no one can ignore t. Because every product is depending on it and without it, you will not be able to use it in the right way.

Automatic shut off feature – Whenever, any product gives automatic shut off, it gives immense joy. Then this red dot sight helps people with automatically turn off and this is how you will be able to take more profit go it.

Final words

There is much optics which is brilliant in qualities! There are many things which need to be noticed, automatic dimming, construction, reticle colour, automatic shut – if the feature is a sort of thing which people should not ignore. You have complete freedom because of the variety of products so choose wisely and choose what you are looking for.

There is a list of features which should not be overlooked. This becomes important to know what to look and this listed out features are there to help its users. Sometimes it happens users get confused about what to pick up and what to not.

The very first things which people should notice are these features and determine about other things. Once they find these things then they may purchase. There is one important thing is that when you are making a purchase the features is variable so it depends a lot on the product.

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