Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review of 2023 – Best High-End Paintball Gun

The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 gun is another best evolution from its earlier Eclipse Etha Paintball marker. The brilliant upgrade of this paintball gun will offer featured-pack, refined, and reliable gun to provide innovative and creative engineering solutions to achieve. The tough external constructions can withstand guarantee durability and impacts. Users are offered the perfect balance due to its lightweight and make it easier to shoot, aim, and control. This high-end electronic paintball gun will fire in different modes for multiple game styles.

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Users can shoot for long hours with the help of the two-part feeds. The shooting is easier, accurate, and also fun for beginners. The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is another well-known and also most popular quality paintball guns. It is another expensive unit and offers the best performance and amazing features to worth its pricing. They are an ideal choice for entire shooter types from professional snipers to beginners.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review – Highlights

Find below the list of highlights offered by the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball gun for your reference:

  • The most popular lock & load battery system is utilized.
  • Deltek offset barrel & feed.
  • For better performance, it is much easier to upgrade the parts.
  • It also contains a tool-less grip.
  • The performance is improved using the spring bolt system.
  • Excellent ASA that assist to turn on or off while attaching or removing the tank.
  • Sufficient grip spacing allowed by the trigger. A small switch used for convenient and safe operation.
  • LED Status indicator available for both Left-handed & Right-handed individuals.
  • The Air transfer system uses the hose-less mode.
  • Outside construction is built with composite nylon material.
  • Interior aluminum material used with Aircraft-grade.
  • They can manage any harsh weather conditions and driven by the Gamma Core Spool value.
  • Etha 2 platform is completely customized.

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Planet Eclipse Etha 2 – Key Features

Upgrades – The stock parts of Etha 2 will not offer the best extreme performance however; with an additional cost you can upgrade the parts. It ranges from various parts like triggers, grips, barrel, and many others. The easiest and also the best thing to utilize the EMC kit by upgrading the entire parts for extreme performance.

Grips – This marker has the grips created using the nylon body and also very durable to use. Some of them may find it tough and too hard, they don’t feel comfortable & ergonomic to hold. Without any tools, you can easily remove the grips and upgrade the same with a rubber material. You can gain a better hold of these gun grips by wearing rubber gloves.

User Convenience – The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball gun is perfectly created for user convenience. The exterior body includes the LED screen monitor for assisting you with a track of fire shot rates, shooting modes, and many more. This paintball gun will utilize the POPS ASA assembly technique and a hose-less airflow system for reloading and refilling the tank with ease and convenient pace.

The spring-bolt return system will assist the replaced the bolt automatically after every fire-shot and also lightweight to your touch. It can assist the users to carry the gun for numerous hours without muscle soreness or any fatigue encounter.

Noise Free Mechanism – When compared with the earlier Eclipse Etha marker, the all-new & enhanced Etha 2 marker is combined with a kickback system for reducing the noise projection measures. Your focus can be properly aimed with this kickback system for interpreting with the coordinates and also make it hard for your opponents. These two factors will gain the user to move forward in the game.

Design – The exterior of this Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is created using the composite nylon material and the interior uses the aircraft-grade aluminum material. These materials will offer the properties of lightweight weather-resistant. These two elements combined to rein the toughest paintball markers across the industry to reckon. This lightweight device weighs around 2.2-pounds to make fewer fatigue threats and highly portable for users.

The marker can efficiently shoot the target every single time and easier for balance control focus. The cleaning regime is also easier and utilizes a single screw to get a secure position within the central grip. The detachable front grip will include the battery and much feasible for replacement. You can conveniently replace the parts while checking with regular maintenance.

Bolt System – The spring-return bolt system is utilized to offer the enhanced performance and works much better with the strong GRN frame and the fore-grip. The dual-stage acceleration system will also use this bolt system to make it much easier for picking up the paintball gun at lower speeds. The barrels are moved smoothly by using the bolt system and wrap the exterior parts using the rubber material to provide an excellent option to use.

The other components available within the bolt system will include the PCB part (fully-adjustable) for improving the control of de-bounce and as well as semi-automatic firing modes. The entire device is controlled and maintained using a single screw. It is much easier for users to access the device’s internal parts quickly. The hose will minimize the air transfer system without any leakages.

Additional Features – The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 product will offer added advantage and great features. When compared to the earlier Eclipse Etha device, this unit does not have a kick back and louder noise. This quite marker can be utilized by the users to catch over their opponents. The minimal kickback may be ideal for both advanced and beginner shooters. The kickback is reduced to offer the best fun experience to facilitate the perfect aim. For better performance, this unit can be easily upgraded to the latest 14.5-inch barrel.

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The shots are properly enabled with a .68 caliber for traveling in a straight line to cover the large distance along with the user’s convenience. The users can gain this great advantage to defeat their opponents. The shooting mode is displayed using the feature of the ambidextrous LED indicator. This LED screen will monitor or tack the rate of fire, semi-automatic, de-bounce, and ramping within the major tournaments. Moreover, it is also much easier to clean the entire parts of this device. Users are allowed even to perform maintenance and quick cleaning of its inner parts.

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