Dye M2 Paintball Maker Review of 2023

The Dye M2 is one of the new benchmark creations for its beauty and performance. The new M2 will utilize each component enhancement from the ground up meticulously re-engineered and the legendary new DM series platform. The Dye M2 can showcase its artisan approach with a unique evident from its earlier and elegant contours.

The aggressive and sharp lines flow seamlessly within the M2 by not utilizing the intrusive cover plates or basic screw heads for violating its aesthetics. Rather the skin deep, the M2 paintball gun has the substance.

The Dye M2 model introduces the Prism Interface and MOS (Method Operating System) to provide a vital look. The unmatched performance will offer instant clarity using the high-resolution, full color, and a 1-inch OLED screen. They also offer other features like multiple player profiles, expanded operational control, and internal pressure sensors. This paintball gun has luxury craftsmanship of unprecedented beauty, comfort, and extraordinary performance.

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Dye M2 Paintball Marker

 dye m2 painball maker

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Important Functionalities

Find below the list of important functionalities offered by the Dye M2 paintball gun for your reference:

Ultralite Boomstick Barrel

  • Durable & lightweight.
  • Easy to increase barrel bore size & length.
  • Supported for the entire weather conditions.
  • Shot with various paintballs sizes.
  • Supported by Calibre .688 and .684 Bith.
  • Ultralite back barrels.

Billy Wing (Fuse Bolt) System

  • Smooth cycle & consistent accuracy.
  • Assistance for proper air efficiency.
  • Fuse bolt with a one-piece.
  • Low PSI operation.
  • Fuse design of Billy Wing.

Shift Port Dye ASA

  • Internal components with a long-lasting life.
  • Adjustable ASA to utilize in various tanks.
  • Enabled with ASA floating system.
  • Extra airflow enhanced with ASA Shift port.
  • Dye M2 re-design model.

Magnet Trigger Adjustment

  • Externally fit & travel.
  • Magnet return and adjustable trigger angle.
  • Individually customizable.
  • Maximum speed offered by an ergonomic trigger.

Internal Pressure Sensors

  • Dwell setup time is perfect.
  • Clear digital screen.
  • Prism interface and software update.
  • It uses the Internal Pressure Sensors (IPS) technology.

Upgrade MOS Air Kit

  • Excellent e.voke system.
  • Wireless charging feature and updated play mode screen.
  • New firing option and crystal clear multiple boot display.
  • Cool power options.
  • Much easier to customize.
  • The latest technology of the new MOS Air Kit is utilized.

Joystick Control (5 Way)

  • Installed Data performance.
  • Adjustable settings and easier joystick navigation.
  • Joystick control using 5 different methods.
  • Prism interface.

Battery Functionalities

  • Battery charge using the Micro USB cable.
  • Power source: 550 mAh battery.
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • Charge your battery and start the play.
  • 9 V rechargeable batteries.

Wireless Charger & Tech Mat System

  • Attached with a USB port cover.
  • Quick battery charging and standard micro-USB port.
  • USB Cable software updates system.
  • Customized boot screens are downloadable.

Prism Interface

  • M2 lighting fast with the fine-tuning system.
  • Setting available for updating the performance.
  • High-resolution OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen.
  • Full color and a 1-inch OLDE screen display.

Dye M2 Features

Find below the list of features offered by the Dye M2 paintball gun for your reference:

Dye M2 USB – The Dye M2 paintball gun will utilize the standardized micro-USB port. You can use this port for charging your battery, software update, or customized boot screens download.

Color-Coded O-Rings – During your paintball gun maintenance, it is much easier to quickly locate the accurate O-Ring replacement using the color-coded O-Rings system.

Sticky Grips – The Ultralight sticky grips of this product will offer easy access, durable & efficient quick locking system, stability & control, supreme comfort, beautiful styling with dual density material, and eliminate the stripped screws potential.

Ultralite 45 Frames – It is ergonomically designed with Ultralite 45 frames using the top-most engineering and pro influence. They offer effortless & quick trigger pull and the marker’s complete control.

Eye-Pipe – The Dye M2 paintball gun will utilize the enhanced thickness 3rd generation Eye-pipe when compared to its earlier model. The self-cleaning Eye-pipe is made up of Polycarbonate for protecting the anti-chop eye system from broken paint & dirt. It ensures that the eye-pipe is properly monitored for the ball drop and breech.

Magnet Reach Trigger – It has an optimal trigger speed and customized individually with ergonomic comfort. The external adjustments are used to customize the magnetic return, travel, trigger angle, and fit.

Lockdown Clamping – The cam lock low settings are adjustable to safeguard the R2 loader lock without using any tools.

Hyper5 Regulator – It is available with the fastest dis-assembly system, piston movement with consistency, and re-designed for better airflow. You can complete the standard maintenance within a minute.

Dye M2 Regulator (Low Pressure) – The M2 paintball gun’s Low Pressure Regular will offer a quiet and ultra-smooth function. It produces an extremely low pressure of 65 psi for controlling the over bolt speed.

Quick Release Bolt – Make use of the one-touch, easy, and fast spring-load button for re-installing the bolt kits within a few seconds.

ASA Shift Port – The Dye M2 gun is re-designed to offer effortless lever action (On or Off) and highest airflow. You can shift the floating ASA port in any direction for the best playing style and tank. It offers the long-lasting dependable operation with the assistance of reinforced internal components.

Rechargeable Battery – You can simply charge the paintball gun and play the game. Make use of the standard micro-USB cable and power source to charge your gun. It is advisable to utilize the 9V rechargeable batteries while running out of power.

Prism Interface – Players can perform various operational system date on the M2 paintball gun using the easier and quick access of high-resolution, full color, and a 1-inch OLED screen. The Prism OLED screen along with joystick control (5-way) will offer customized features & data performance, adjustable settings, system checks, and fast intuitive navigation. You can gather the entire electronic information with its immediate access.


  • Good manufacturer warranty.
  • A full charge can store numerous paintballs.
  • The Firing rate is very powerful.
  • Firing power is efficient and silent.
  • You can improve the screen with its guidance.
  • It is much easier to use, lightweight, and can hold with its sticky grips.


  • It is very much difficult to update or upgrade.
  • Incredibly expensive.


Most of the players are not aware of the Dye M2 paintball gun with its straightforward features. Without any massive power or extraordinary features, this gun can offer the right marks of overall durability, weight, and accuracy. This Dye M2 paintball gun could be the ideal choice with its wonderful accuracy, a resilient aluminum frame, and the durable parts. In case if you never prefer an exotic one then this paintball gun is the perfect choice for you.

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