6 Best Military Paintball Guns of 2023 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Purchasing a new paintball gun sometimes appears to be one of the trickiest tasks. Sometimes an individual is not aware of all the specifications they need to look when purchasing the best one available in the market. If the same trouble lets you face discontented, there is no need for you to face it anymore. Here we will be going to discuss the best options which you can consider, and along with it, we will share the buying guide as well.

Best Military Paintball Guns

After going through this article, there will be no such trouble surround you at all and purchasing the best military paintball guns will be the hassle-free task for you. Stay tuned with us to get details about the best options available in the market

1.Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker

This paintball gun from Tippmann is also the right choice for users who consider themselves to be a beginner or an intermediate player. The price at which this paintball gun is available is really very affordable. Moreover, it is occupied with the mechanical trigger, and nine-inch stock barrel length is there. Additionally, it offers a vertical grip with a high-impact composite body. This clearly indicates that a user will be able to have a good experience after having it. Being a budget-friendly option, anyone can have it without thinking twice.

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package


  • It is a budget-friendly option
  • Three shooting modes are there
  • It comes up with efficient shooting ability
  • It is a durable option
  • The gases are readily available
  • Accuracy is up to the mark


  • The barrel is quite short

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2. Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker/Gun – ETEK 5

This paintball gun is new in the market but an efficient choice. This is quite a user-friendly option available, but sometimes cleaning creates a lot of difficulties faced apart from it. It delivers top-notch result which is up to the mark. Moreover, similar trickle-down is there, and these are presented as siblings. The best part is there is no need for a player to understand any rocket science when they are looking forward to operating it.

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical Paintball Marker - Black


  • It is a user-friendly option
  • It comes with Thailand shooting
  • It is highly efficient
  • One year warranty is there
  • Magnetic trigger return is there


  • It is quite hard to clean
  • The trigger available needs much improvement

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3. Dye RizeMaXXed Paintball Marker

If you are looking forward to a budget-friendly option along with looks than this one from Dye proto is an option to have. It is a tremendous purchase, along with enormous benefits. The developers keep each and everything into consideration, and also it is known to deliver accuracy. It might appear to be bit costly but the features integrated into it that you feel comfortable with the purchase. Also, during operation, it produces a minimal sound, which means loudness will not create nuisance at all.

Dye Rize MaXXed Paintball Marker


  • It is quite light in weight
  • It produces minimal noise
  • It comes up with one year warranty
  • It has effective shooting with a trigger
  • It is highly dependable


  • Maintenance is required frequently

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4. Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun

This product from Empire is also hitting in the category of most affordable paintball guns available in the market. It comes with a toothless push-button which allow you to assemble it easily and assemble of the system is also really very easily. Moreover, when it is about cleaning it in no time, it will get cleared. Also, it is a new generation product along with unique design and extended grip. When a user wants to remove the tank, they can easily deal with it with Empire relay regulator. It has multiple firing modes, and a user can choose any of them accordingly. It is occupied with a semi-automatic, Millennium ramping and PSP ramping.

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun


  • It is one of the most accurate guns in the market
  • It has easy Bolt removal system
  • It comes with a stylish design
  • It is a quiet and reliable marker
  • It is a budget-friendly option


  • Stock barrel requires when it is about the upgrade

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5. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

Again this product from Tippmann is also a tremendous option for all the users out there. It delivers the results which are beyond expectation. It comes up with modifiable sides which are available at back and front both. The rubber grip is also there which offer secure support when a user is operating it. Also, it is very convenient for accessories, and the user will be able to enjoy multiple options easily. Also, it is very light in weight which clearly means that during operation, there will be no need for you to worry about pain at all.



  • It is a budget-friendly option
  • It comes up with a comfortable rubber grip
  • It has an ergonomic design
  • It is quite light in weight
  • It is a durable option to have


  • The charging handle available is not a durable option

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6. Azodin KAOS 2 Paintball Marker

If you are a beginner and want to occupy yourself with one of the best beginner paintball guns then this one will be the best option to have. It is dependable, simple and easy to work with as well. From a very long time, it is in use. When you are looking forward to purchasing your first paintball gun, you just need to look forward to the reliability, and this from acid in is the right choice to have. It comes with moving O-ring among six totals which make it less prone to leaks, and there will be no firing issues at all. It is very easy to maintain and clean, as well. It hardly requires 5 minutes to set up and break it again. Also on the downside, it has a pressure which is receiving out of compressed air tank and or CO2. Also, it operates at high pressure which is comparatively loud and quite hard on paintball as well. Overall this is the great paintball gun for entry-level players because it is reliable light in weight simple and affordable as well.

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker


  • It is quite light in weight
  • It is very comfortable to use
  • It is a budget-friendly option
  • It is delivering a high accurate result


  • The operation is quite loud
  • Feed neck issues may arise

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Buying guide

When you are moving ahead to purchase the best military paintball gun, the factors creating a big difference include:-

Type of paintball gun:

Primarily, it is important for an individual to be sure about the type of paintball gun. Three Types of paintball guns are available, and the differentiation has been done on the basis of mechanism. You can go for a pump paintball gun that is having a low firing speed and operated manually before every shot. If you want to have some advanced options, the mechanically operated markers will be the best choice to have, and these are quite common as well. These are in use for recreational play and in the commercially operated paintball field. Not only this third option is electro-pneumatic markers, and this comes up with the fastest firing rate along with remarkable firing Matrix. It totally depends on you which one you want to purchase.

Type of barrel:

The barrel is the component which is present at the end of the gun. Basically, it is responsible for consistent and practical shots. There are different types of barrel available like aluminium, stainless steel, ceramic, Titanium, Carbon fibre. A user can choose any of them accordingly. The stainless steel is one of the most considered choice and quite heavier as well. But if you want to choose the best one around aluminium will be the desired choice and a budget-friendly option as well. This other one like Titanium and pneumatic comes up with durability, but somewhere appears to be costly as well.


Weight of the paintball gun is also a factor of consideration because it decides how you will be able to hold it. If you have to the paintball gun which is quite heavier in the weight you will not be able to carry it comfortably and for longer gameplay as well. We suggest you choose the one light in weight and easy to hold.


Material is also important for you to know because every player comes up with the different preferences and right now, plastic and metal guns are available. Among plastic and metal, gunmetal ones are quite durable and sturdy. Also, these are designed to with standard harsh weather conditions as well. We suggest you choose a paintball gun, which is a durable option.


Design is an important factor of consideration because it helps you understand how it will look in your hands. Moreover, now multiple paintball guns are available with ergonomic design if you want you can go for the same as well. The shape of the paintball gun has a significant impact on accuracy as well and when it is about consistency. Thus, check out the same and then move ahead.


Accuracy is an important factor of consideration, and it depends on the model you are purchasing. In case the paintball gun you have purchased is not pointing out the short with accuracy this is not the choice on which you can rely. Usually, the high-quality paintball guns come up with optimal accuracy as compared to other ones available. Therefore we suggest you choose the gun offering you the highest accuracy.

Easy to operate:

Always choose the one which is easy to operate as well. If you have chosen the paintball gun, which is letting you face trouble when it is about the operation, you will face a lot of difficulties. Thus, check out the manual and reach to the conclusion of whether you can operate it effortlessly or not.


The price will help you in deciding whether it is according to your budget or not. There might be a chance to have a limited budget, and you want to purchase the paintball gun within the same range. Therefore, check out the price and conclude whether you are ready to invest that much amount or not.

Build quality:

Check onto the build quality as well. The build quality is important to have a realistic feel. In case the, when you have purchased, is not appearing to be real, you feel like you have invested money in a toy. Therefore if you don’t want to feel like this way, check out the same and place your order after it only.


Do paintball guns hurt?

Majorly the paintball guns do not hurt players at all. But it is quite common for them to feel slight sting which is similar to flick on the arm. It is quite obvious that the results are minor and not contributing to any major injury.

Is paintball sufficient enough to break a bone?

There is no such case come in front where paintball is sufficient enough to break a bone, but yet it depends on circumstances. In case a person is wearing all the safety gear, they are free from every kind of injury.

Is paintball gun a deadly weapon?

This is just a myth people have that paintball gun is a deadly weapon. These do not shoot very fast, and the projectile is not very heavy as well. It will not be going to cause any permanent damage at all.

Can a paintball break the car window?

No. The paintball is not sufficient enough in breaking the car window at all. These are not that much deadly.

How to wash the paintball guns?

A person will be able to watch the paintball guns with the help of Normal water. These are made from a water-soluble and non-toxic substance which is biodegradable as well.


We hope this information is quite useful for you when choosing the best military paintball gun. We suggest you keep every factor into consideration. Also, if you have any special requirements, check out the specifications and reach to the conclusion whether it is sufficient enough in fulfilling your requirement or not.


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