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The holographic sight may bea non-enlarging gun sight that creates the user permitted to seem from the glass optical window and acquire the reticle image of the objects placed at a very far distance from the place of the gun. The hologram of the reticle is constructed into the window and is illuminated through a laser diode.

The Holographic sights are just the recent and latest inventions. The Holographic sight was introduced to the world in 1996 at the SHOT SHOW, which is an American show for the things related to shooting and ammunition. ERIM launched it in the SHOT show. It was started under the trade name holo sight by BUSHNELL. It was initially looking for capturing the market of hunting and sport shooting. And later, it got awarded by the award from the shooting industry academy of Excellence.

The holosights were only manufactured by the same company, i.e., EOTECH, until the year 2017. Then after another company named VORTEX entered into this market and launched Razor AMG UH-1 in the exchange of the holosights, it proved to be a fierce competitor with the previous holo sight of the EOTECH company. These holographic sights use the laser transmission hologram of a reticle image. The image is like a component of the optical viewing window. The collimated light illuminates the recorded hologram. By tilting or pivoting the holographic grating, you can adjust the sight. Mostly the holographic sights are more efficient than the red dots under many of the circumstances. But still, the cost of the holographic sites is much more than the red dots due to some reasons like increase in the sophistication, and as there are only two manufacturers of the holographic weapon sites, so there is less competition in this field so now we can experience more price in the holographic sights than the red dots.

The holographic sights are substantial in weight, and a rifle is required by them to be mounted on it. The one disadvantage of the holographic sights over the RED DOTS is that the battery of the holographic sights has a short life span, but on the other side, the RED DOTS have an array with longer life span. The holographic sight plays a vital role in giving the more focused feel rather than the red dots. But if you take aside the more price and less battery life of the holosight, you can conclude that the holo sight is more preferable than the red dots. It merges the target faster than the red dot and makes it easy to remain focused on your goal. The dot of the red dot will be focused on your eye, but on the other hand the in case of the holographic sights, the reticle is projected in front of the view. The reticle of the holosight is more superimposed on the target, so you have to do only one task that your eyes should solely be focused on the goal and make an aim on it accurately and precisely. The process in it happens in very few seconds, and hence it is a faster process than the red dots. This feature and the quick process will save your life as nothing has a faster target than the holographic sight. The durability of the holographic sights is far better than the red dots. The holographic sights can resist conditions like the depths of the oceans, fires, extremely high or low temperatures, and even powerful recoils. Even if the front window is destroyed due to some reasons, then also there is no need to worry as the holographic sight will still function in those conditions too. But if you see in case of even the most expensive red dots, then also you will not get that facility.

Many armies around the world use the holographic sights. The US army uses holographic sights on a large scale and is also deploying them in large quantities into countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. The holographic sights are proving to be an excellent alternative to red dots. Even if the shooter has a deflection from its target, then also the holographic sights will not get affected due to that. Even if the holographic sights fall from the height of 10 ft, then also it will not get destroyed. To increase the accuracy of any gun, you need to have good sight, so holographic sight is the most preferred one. Now let us go through some of the best holographic sights so that it will be better for you to select from those.


Best Holographic Sight

While selecting the best holographic sights, you don’t have many options as there are only two manufacturers till now for manufacturing the holographic sights.


The EOTech EXPS2-0 will give you the fast advantage of the holographic sight as well as it will provide you with backup access to the iron sights. It has side buttons that can be easily adjusted, and it will provide you with the best targeting experience for recreating and tactical shooters. It will provide you with many types of brightness settings for all types of hunting and also for the competitive shooting.

The weight of this holographic sight is 11.2oz, and it is also water-resistant. The EOTech EXPS2-0 is fully equipped with the 20 daylight settings for changing the brightness. The battery of this holographic sight can work for continuous 1000 hours in normal conditions. The holographic sight is made in the USA, and it guarantees that the product will not have any defect, and all good quality material is used during the manufacturing process. It is highly accurate and has excellent sight and durability.

EOTECH EXPS3 Holographic Weapon Sight

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It can deliver day or night commands and has a durable AA battery power. The product can be used with all GEN-1-111-night vision devices. It is equipped with an adjustable mount so that it can be easily removed. The feature of locking is also provided through it. The ergonomic side operation buttons make it more suitable for the purchase of this holographic sight. The weight of this holographic sight is a little bit heavier than the previous holographic sight. The importance of this holographic sight is about 13.8 oz. This holographic sight consists of 20 brightness settings for use in different types of hunting, and it also offers ten additional settings for some night vision devices. The battery of this holographic sight is rechargeable, and it can work for about 2500 continuous working hours without any interruption. The EOTech HWS 558 is also manufactured in the USA. It guarantees that the product will not have any defects, and all good quality material is used during the manufacturing process. It is highly accurate and has excellent sight and durability. Due to such features, it gets a place in the list of the best holographic sights.

EOTECH 518.A65, Holographic Weapon Sights, 1 MOA, Not Night Vision Compatible, Black, Length: 5.60"

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By making the use of EOTECH HHS II, you can have a sharp target over the near as well as distant targets. The holographic sight EOTECH HHS II is up with the G33 magnifier and gives a good advantage. The magnifier puts your destination under control in any range. It is very much more substantial than the other holographic sights, which we have seen above. The weight of the holographic sight of EOTECH HHS II is about 22.4oz, which is equivalent to about 635.1 g. It is also featured with the water-resistant quality. It offers the 20 daylight brightness settings. The battery of this holographic sight is moderate and can work for continuous 1000 working hours without any kind of interruption. It gives an eye relief of 55.8mm and also consists of fog resistant internal optics. The EOTECH HHS II is manufactured in the USA. The company guarantees the zero defectiveness and use of the best material in manufacturing.

EOTECH EXPS3 Holographic Weapon Sight

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In some of the statistical environments, it is used for getting subsonic stealth. It is mostly light in weight than the other holographic sights. The importance of the EOTECH MODEL 300 BLACKOUTS is about 9.0 oz, which makes it 255 g. It has the quality of water resistance and is up with the 20 daylight settings for using it in different types of hunting experiences. It can work continuously for 1000 hours without any battery interruptions at the average room temperatures. Like the other holographic sights, it is also manufactured in the USA. It is offered with all types of guarantees over zero defects and the use of the best material in the manufacturing process. It helps in getting fast and sharp targets. The range offered by the holographic sight EOTECG MODEL 300 BLACKOUT is about 300 yards and works great when mounted on different types of pistols and guns. It can be installed very quickly in a short period, and it performs well with both the types of suppressed as well as the unsuppressed ammunition.

As there are only two companies that manufacture the holographic sights, let us glance through the holographic sights of the other company named “vortex.”

EOTECH EXPS3 Holographic Weapon Sight

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It is mostly used for fast and close engagements. It has a high-speed engagement. The mount type of the RAZOR AMG UH-1 is Picatinny. It has a magnification of 1X. The color of the dot is bright red, and the size of the dot is 1MOA. It offers unlimited eye relief. The weight of the holographic eyesight RAZOR AMG UH-1 is a bit the same as the other holographic eyesight, which we have seen above. The importance of the RAZOR AMG UH-1 is about 11.8 oz. The length of it is about 3.6 inches. It has 15 levels of brightness for the different types of hunting, which is a little bit less than the brightness levels offered by the different holographic sights, which we have seen above. The reticle used is clean and just justifies all the purposes of its use. It can also be easily mounted.

RAZOR AMG UH-1 Reviews

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Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic is designed to enter from an outstanding organization of modern and previous professionals. The Patrol Rifle Optic contains many in no way earlier than visible capabilities to maximize this sight’s overall performance inside the hard situations confronted through contemporary-day law. The PRO sight includes a QRP2 mount and a general AR15 spacer, which may be removed.

Aimpoint CompM5 Red Dot Reflex Sight

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It is likewise ready with turn covers, a black the front turn cowl, and an apparent rear turn cowl that permits the person to have interaction a goal with each lens covers closed in an emergency situation. Always ready – continually on. Turn it on for up to three years the usage of one single battery. No wants to fumble with switches previous to use.2 minute of perspective crimson dot for correctional engagement in any respect distances. In carrier date and battery alternate date, reminders make stock monitoring and preservation easy.

Enhanced velocity on track and improved first shot hit chance while as compared to iron points of interest and magnified scopes. Compatible with all generations of night time imaginative and prescient gadgets and can be used with all Aimpoint 3X magnifiers and Concealed Engagement unit.Hard anodized aluminum alloy housing.Rugged sufficient for actual global situations and water-resistant to one hundred fifty feet. These are some of the qualities which make it one of the best holographic sight.

So, while you are searching for the best holographic sight for your gun, you can refer to the above-mentioned holographic sights that are fast and accurate and trustworthy so that they can even save your life in different circumstances. The above-mentioned holographic sights are also durable for use compared to the red dots, and they can be easily mounted on any kind of guns or pistols. They give you a better user-friendly service even than the most expensive red dots.

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