5 Best belly band holster 2023 [Reviews and Buyer’s Guide]

Are you looking forward to purchasing the best belly band holsters? Are you having confusion that which one will be the best choice for you? If yes, here we are presenting you with some options and also with the buying guide. After going through this read, you will be able to get an idea about the factors which make it a durable choice and also about the best products available in the market.

We recommend you go through this article so that you can get all the details. Without wasting any moment, let’s get started and explore the best belly band holsters on this page easily.

Best belly band holster to choose

1.ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster for Concealed Carry 

ComforTac ultimate belly belt holster is the top choice for all the users out there. It is a must-consider choice because it fits multiple sizes. If a user has a belly size of fewer than 44 inches, this will be a great choice to have. Moreover, the material used is quite stretchable and helps an individual to feel comfortable as well.

Neoprene is used, which is very soft and comfortable and allows an individual to carry their handgun effectively. Moreover, it totally depends on the user whether they want to wear it over the t-shirt or on their waste. It fulfills their requirements as they require.

It has a space for a spare magazine with adds on an extra star to its looks. Moreover, when a user wants to reload the gun, they can easily move ahead and do it. This clearly means that this belly band holster will be a great choice to have. A user will not go to face any kind of trouble after wearing this one at all because they can adjust it according to their sixe without thinking about it twice.

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band

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  • It comes with a retention strap
  • Extra magazine pouches available
  • It comes with very flexible placement
  • The neoprene used is breathable
  • It can stretch from many belly size
  • It fits mostly all the handguns
  • It is designed to conceal


  • Some problem arises with the magazine pouch because it does not work well with all the belly sizes

2. UnderTechUnderCover Original Belly Band

This Undertaker Undercover original belly band is the right choice for all the users out there because of its designs and versatility it comes up with. It is quite astonishing to see that this is also referred to as a concealment holster. Moreover, it is made in the USA and utilizes heavy-duty plastic construction. It has Velcro closures, which make it quite easy to use.

 UnderTech Undercover Original Belly Band - Black - Medium

People feel like Velcro will irritate them, but the same problem will not arise at all because the developers keep design into consideration and place it accordingly. A user can put each and every valuable on it, including their phone, wallet, spare magazines, and so on. In case they are looking forward to purchasing a subcompact product, this one will be the best choice to have. After having this one, a user will not complain about the design at all because it will fulfill their requirement extraordinarily.

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  • It is a concealed carry holster
  • It can be used when a person exercises
  • It has the Velcro strap
  • It comes with heavy-duty elasticity
  • It has a 6-inch storage pocket
  • It is a versatile choice to have


  • No as such cons to mention

3. Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger Classic Woman’s Holster

If being a female, you are looking forward to placing an order for a comfortable best belly band holster, this Can-Can Concealment Hip Hugger will be the right choice to have. It comes up with a 5-inch profile military-grade elastic, which makes it a comfortable choice to have. Moreover, it has two rows of hypoallergenic non-slip grip so that it can remain in the position for a long. There are three rows of the metal hook available, which allow users to adjust it easily and can have low profile closure. Also, rare earth magnets are there, which makes the design more secure. In case a user wants to carry spare magazines, they can go ahead with this because the space is available. They can carry all other valuables, including phones and other stuff easily. It is designed for a .380 Cal and small 9mm pistol and provides maximum concealment to it as well.

Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger Classic Woman’s Holster

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  • The design is tremendous
  • It is especially for women
  • It is made for .380 pistols
  • Military-grade elasticity is there in it
  • Multiple size options are there in it


  • It is not a choice for men

4. Kaylle Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry (Upgraded)

Kaylle belly band holster is also the right size for all the users out there who want to purchase an upgraded version of the previous model they launched. It comes up with a Unisex design and an ideal choice for male and female both. It allows individuals to conceal and carry their firearms without any trouble. It has only 2.5 mm in thickness, which is quite good to see. Moreover, for placing the pistol, there will be no need for a user to face any difficulty. It is quite light in weight, and a user can wear it for longer durations easily.

Kaylle Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

Well! For making this, soft and high-quality neoprene material is used. Some micro-holes are there in the designs, which make it extra breathable. It has anti-sweat Technology built-in as well, which clearly indicates that a user can wear it without having a thought about sweating at all. Also, it is a durable choice available around which clearly means that there will be no need for a user to invest money in it again and again.


  • It comes with a 2.5 mm thickness
  • It has a unique design
  • It is quite light in weight
  • It provides easy can access
  • It has micro whole neoprene
  • This is an IWB holster
  • It comes up with a Velcro lock


  • The velcro could wear out after a long time

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5. LIRISY Inside The Waistband Holster | Gun Concealed Carry IWB Holster

Last but not least, in the list, this Lirisy belly band holster for concealed carry is the right choice to have for users around while looking forward to using it for a longer duration and want that the size must get adjusted according to their belly. It can stretch up to the belly size of 45 inches easily. It comes with a design which is quite extra-ordinary. It is quite flexible as well, and a person can wear it for a longer duration easily. The best part about this belly band is that it can fit a variety of handguns and pistols without any trouble. Also, this is ambidextrous; hence it is suitable for left and right-handed Shooters. It provides enough comfort to the user, and they will not going to face any kind of trouble at all because the developers keep each and everything in mind while preparing it.

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LIRISY Inside The Waistband Holster


  • It is the IWB belly band
  • It is a great choice for smaller pistols
  • It comes with an ambidextrous design
  • The detachable pouch is there
  • It comes with sweat-resistant neoprene
  • It stretches up to 45 inches easily


  • No as such cons

These are the best ones which users can prefer. Also if you are not sure about the factors which are important for you to consider when purchasing the belly band holsters stay connected as we are here sharing the buying guide as well which help you to deal with it effectively.

Buying guide:

Factors that are important for a person to understand while moving ahead for purchasing the best belly band holster are as follows:-


Design is a primary factor of consideration while you are purchasing the belly band holster. It is important that it must be light in weight and breathable. It is also important to check out the space available to carry the stuff. This will help an individual to be sure whether they will be able to carry all the stuff accordingly or not.


Compatibility is also a matter of consideration whenever you are purchasing the belly band holsters. This will help you to be sure about the weapon you can carry along. Some holsters are there, which comes up with a Guide of weapons you can accommodate, and for some, you need to be quite specific. Therefore check it out and then place your order. Some belly band holsters are there, which are specifically designed for specific pistols. If you want, you can place your order for the same as well.

Quality of the material:

The quality of the material is also a matter of consideration for people out there. In case they are not choosing the material which is breathable, they will not be able to wear it for a longer duration, and it causes irritation and itching as well. Therefore if you do not want to face it, try to choose the material which is quite breathable and durable choice to have. We suggest you check the quality in advance before placing the order.

Extra carrying capacity:

The extra carrying capacity is also a factor of consideration for most of the people out there. If you want to carry some additional stuff, the extra carrying capacity is quite important to note. Check out whether it allows you to carry some additional stuff or not. If the option is not there and you are sure that you will be going to carry some additional stuff, place an order for the holster having the same feature available.

Easy release of the weapon:

It is also important for an individual to check out that the holster must allow them to release the weapon easily. Not only releasing but placing must be easier. This will not only help you to engage in the task more effectively but save you from unnecessary delays as well. In case the release of a weapon is taking a very long time, you will feel irritated, and there might be a chance you miss the opportunity at the time of Battle as well.


Accessibility is also a matter of consideration because accessibility includes how you can carry it and how you will be able to place the weapons inside. Therefore choose the holster, which helps you to deal with it efficiently. In case it is not easily accessible, you need to face a lot of difficulties at that moment.


Price is also a factor of consideration for people who are purchasing the holsters. These belly band holsters are available in multiple price ranges, and a user needs to be sure about their budget. In case you are not sure how much you are ready to invest in it, then we suggest you try from the smaller level. This will help you to get an idea of whether you will be able to use it or not. For some people, difficulties arise because they cannot use it efficiently, and they invest a lot of money on it.

Size of the belly band holster

The size of belly band holsters depends on your size, and you need to be sure about it as well. Check out whether it is adjustable according to your belly size or not. It is not adjustable, it appears to be very stiff, and you will not feel comfortable at all. Therefore to cut out this disappointment, check out the size and place your order accordingly.


Here we come to an end for this article, and we have shared the considering factors and best belly band holsters for you. Just keep it and everything in mind and place your order. If there is any problem arising, check the specification twice and be sure about the choice you are making. What are you waiting for? Just place an order for the best belly band holster and get the best one available. If there is any problem arising, do let us know. We will help you in purchasing the best one easily.

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