Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24×50 Review With Pro’s and Con’s

Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24×50 Review: The Vortex Viper Optics HS-T 6-24×50 riflescope along with the MRAD VMR-1 Reticle is specially designed for its versatile scope to utilize within the field. The long & medium-range targets are working based on the tactical operations and range.

The entire glass scope is created using the XR anti-reflective fully multicoated and extra-low XD dispersion glass. The images are produced with a true color presentation, clear, and even brighter without any distortion around the entire field-view. Even under low-light conditions like dusk & dawn, you can use the large objective lens when most animals are active.

The aluminum with a single piece is used to create a 30mm main tube. The corrosion, scratching resistance, and reflection of the body scope are reduced with the finish of matte-black hard anodize. For entire weather conditions, you can use the argon-filled for fog-proof and water performance.

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Viper HST 6-24×50 Second Focal Plane Riflescope

The versatility of HS-T is added to the modified duplex of MRAD VMR-1 Reticle placed near the 2nd focal plane. This reticle has thin center hairs and thick outer posts along with MRAD hash-marks for shot correction, hold-over, and ranging for both axes. The longer elevation range is provided with the shorter of its lower vertical post.

Viper HST 6-24x50 Second Focal Plane Riflescope

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Vortex Viper – Features

Argon Purging is a procedure used to go through the scope’s tube and created as waterproof & scope fog. It is lightweight to utilize the aluminum material within the main tube of scope. The matte-black finishing will safeguard from corrosion & scratches and perfect to use for long hunting sessions. The fiber optic indicator within the Vortex Viper Scope is called as the MAG-View Bar. During the hunt and if the magnifying power is modified then it can be utilized like a point of reference.

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The scope’s other part will include the fiber optic technology is known as the Radius bar. It works similar to a MAG-View bar and showcases a difference of utilizing it for turret locations. The lenses of your riflescope need to safeguard with its own protection from the surroundings of harshness. The coating material of the ArmorTek lens equipped with Vortex will protect it from oil smudges, scratches, and dirt.


The most important reason for any hunters to utilize the scopes attached to their rifle due to the magnifying target image’s ability even from far away locations. From the base form or location, the hunter can use the scope to magnify with the power of around 6 times up to a maximum of 24 times. The Fast focus eyepiece is another greatest feature that allows users to enhance the scope’s performance. It will assist the user to modify the scope’s reticle only once using the hunter’s eye.

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It is also advisable to check the Vortex Viper Optics HS-T 6-24×50 review for your reference. This scope will offer another best performance-enhancing feature of utilizing the Precision-Glide Erector system. The scope’s magnification is properly working with the connection and also assists the hunter under various severe conditions and making easier magnification. The reticle is properly placed within the riflescope’s 2nd focal plane.


The design of this scope will showcase that Vortex can provide everything to be much easier for their users. The Vortex Viper Optics HS-T 6-24×50 review will allow you to understand the lenses that are created using the low-dispersion glasses. It will increase the image’s resolution while viewing through the scope.

The scope’s external part and as well as the adjustment knobs are ergonomically designed and placed. It is much easier to make adjustments while moving and also aim at the moving target. The CRS Zero Stop is another amazing feature of Vortex Viper and allows the users to return with zero scopes even after the required adjustments.

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Vortex Viper – Highlights

Find below the list of highlights offered by the Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24×50 riflescope for your reference:

Fast Focus Eyepiece – It will allow the users for easy and quick reticle focusing.

Radius Bar – The turret rotations with reference to tactile point & highly visible are offered by the Fiber optic turret rotation indicator.

Fiber Optic MAG-View – The magnification settings can utilize this MAG-View for its highly visible reference point.

Precision-Glide Erector System – The premium components are utilized for zoom lens mechanisms. Even within the harshest conditions, you can offer smooth magnification changes.

Precision-Force Spring System – This premium component is placed within the erector-spring system for providing easier adjustment and maximum repeatability.

CRS Zero Stop – The CRS (Customizable Rotational Stop) will return to zero scopes after dialing the elevation correction (temporary).

Side Focus – The left side of the riflescope is placed with adjustment for easier access within the shooting position. It also provides parallax removal and optimal image focus.

Tactical-Style Exposed Turrets – It provides wind-age, easily read elevation, accurate, and fast adjustments.

ArmorTek – The exterior lens is protected from oil, dirt, and scratches with the help of scratch-resistant and ultra-hard coating.

Hard-Anodized Finish – The shooter’s position is hidden with the help of low-glare & highly durable matte finish.

Shockproof – The rugged construction is able to withstand the impact and recoil.

Fog-proof – The internal fogging is prevented by the Argon gas purging across the entire temperatures.

Waterproof – O-ring seals will safeguard from debris, dust, and moisture to offer reliable performance for the entire conditions or environments.

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum – The solid block construction of the aircraft-grade aluminum is used to provide rigidity and strength.

Single-Piece Tube – The optimum visual performance and improved accuracy will maximize the alignment to ensure waterproofness and strength.

Reticle’s 2nd Focal Plane – The reticle’s scale can maintain a similar ideally-sized appearance.  The listed reticle sub-tensions are utilized for the wind drift correction, holdover, and range estimation will offer the highest magnification with accurate information.

Fully Multi-Coated XR – The light transmission is increased by the proprietary coatings along with its multiple anti-reflective coatings for entire air-to-glass surfaces.

Elements of XD Lens – The color fidelity and resolution are increased by the XD (Extra-low dispersion) glasses to offer sharp and crisp images.


The illuminated reticles are utilized by some hunters while others will prefer to use a simple-looking reticle. In each case, the reticles will assist the hunters to place the bullet for its proper travel. However, it is essential to cover your targeted location and generally while working on the long-range target. You can gain accurate shots by using the smaller reticles and it is very light to use.

The 6 Best Red Dots Sights For AR-15 Reviewed

Including a red dot sight to your hunting or shooting collection will certainly boost your accuracy and also speed. It will certainly allow you to pin targets a lot more successfully and accurately than an iron sight, as well as several red dot sights are also much more reliable at enhancing rate and accuracy than some sophisticated multiplied optics.

Optics provides extraordinary benefits to shooters and also seekers alike. Without their assistance, constantly moving emphasis in between your target as well as the front sight of your weapon can be extremely demanding. Even multiple seasoned shooters rely on a red dot sight to accomplish precise hits.

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Best Red Dot Sights

Our checklist of the Best Red Dot Sights will certainly help you recognize which is ideal for the specific type of hunting or shooting you plan to do. Below all the red dot sights have been clearly explained.

1. Trijicon RMR Adjustable LED red dot sight

Trijicon RMR Type 2 3.25 MOA Adjustable LED Red Dot Sight

Trusted by police and also other tactical specialists, the Trijicon RMR establishes the gold standard for handgun mini dots. Perfect for Glock 19 and other self-defense handguns, this point is less (only 1.2 ounces). Despite its dimension, the RMR is loaded with additional features as well as is as sturdy as they come.

Trijicon made their RMR to be as long-lasting as the epic ACOG, and also it most definitely gives that battle-proven optic a severe run for the cash. The red dot is housed in a sturdy, built lightweight aluminum that has a one-of-a-kind shape created to draw away effect force away from the lens. The gadget is likewise ensured to be waterproof to an outstanding 66 feet.

Extremely straightforward, the RMR has a 3.25 MOA dot with 8 handbook illumination setups. Changing the settings is as very easy as pushing a switch on the side of the optic. The RMR likewise includes a convenient auto-adjust setting that assists save battery power while keeping a continuous state of readiness.


  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • It attaches to a wide range of arms and versatile.
  • The multiple settings are easily adjustable.
  • The lenses are multicoated.
  • It’s easy to operate.


  • It sometimes malfunctions and can turn on and off randomly.
  • The red dot is too big and sometimes looks fuzzy.

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2. Vortex Optics

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

This is an ultra-compact along with light-weight red dot sight made to help you get on target fast, in spite of whether you place it on a flattop design rifle or shotgun. The sight’s electronic rear-facing controls give a simple way to power on and off, in addition to adjusting the 2 MOA daytime bright red dot lighting at 10 stamina degrees.

The Vortex Optics Sparc 2 features a difficult, single-piece body that’s machined from airplane top quality aluminum. It’s functional, multi-height place system suits most guns that require outright or reduced third co-witness elevations. It furthermore sets up on common Weaver or Pica tinny bases, although these aren’t included.


  • It comes with a large and multicoated lens.
  • It has multi illumination settings and has a night compatible vision.
  • It is shockproof, waterproof, and also fog proof.
  • The shut-off is automatic.


  • The tad is a bit heavy.
  • The dot may seem asymmetric.

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3. Truglo compact 20mm Tactical Red Dot Sight

Best Dot Sights

Due to the fact that red dots are easy to use, extremely precise, and also fit unpleasant aiming positions, a good red dot can quickly become a turkey hunter’s best friend. The Gobbler-Stopper is a specific turkey searching red dot from Truglo. They took all the acclaimed functions from their prominent traditional Red Dot Series and also included a specifically created reticle particularly for turkey seekers.

The Gobble-Stopper additionally has a detachable extensive sunshade that stops glare off the optic, and also it is available in the prominent RealTree APG pattern. Both of these functions will certainly help you remain completely unnoticed from the keen eyes of careful turkeys.

Constructed for resilience, the Gobble-Stopper is made with tough aircraft-grade aluminum as well as is both water-resistant as well as shockproof. It additionally features an incorporated Weaver-style placing system for a shotgun installment that is hassle-free.


  • It is very compact and lightweight.
  • It has an auto turn off program that saves power.
  • It has multiple brightness settings.
  • It can be mounted easily.


  • It has an oddly shaped dot.
  • The dots sometimes tend to dim out.

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5. Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro Spec

Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro Spec Reflex Sight Night Vision Quick Detach

A fantastic sight for night or evening pursues, the person is furnished with a night vision setting that permits users to install it before a night vision monocular to produce a co-witnessed arrangement. It additionally provides four reticle patterns that give you maximum ability to tailor for day and night settings.

The Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro Spec red dot sight was motivated by military and law enforcement modern technology. It’s designed for ‘Triple Duty’, which means it’ll meet your needs whether you’re searching, completing, or in tactical circumstances. This sight features a quick-detach install and a double-pane glass lens system that gets rid of parallax.


  • It has a convenient mounting system.
  • It comes with four reticle patterns and five brightness settings.
  • These are water resilient and shockproof.
  • They can run for a longer time.


  • These are flimsy hardware.

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5. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25

Greatly defined by its capability to help in target purchase, the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 red dot sight is the best range for the autumn deer woods. It’s bright enough to hunt in thick woodlands and it supplies a 1 × 25 red dot with Amber-Bright optics that makes it very easy to compare trees and also critters.

This sight additionally includes a 3 MOA red dot, multi-coated optics, and also a CR2032 battery. It is 100% water-resistant, shockproof, and also fog evidence. It likewise flaunts a mounting size of 1.1 inches as well as an overall weight of just 3.7 ounces.


  • These are fog-proof, shockproof, and waterproof.
  • These are compact and lightweight.
  • The optics is bright and multicoated.


  • The lifespan is quite short.
  • The dot gets blurred after a period of use.
  • It does not perform under very bright or sunny conditions.

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6 Best Gifts for Duck Hunters 2023 – They’ll Really Love

Do you have a devoted hunter in your life and do not know what to get them for the Holidays? Finding the right gift can be aggravating occasionally, yet consider exactly how pleased an individual will be when they obtained something they have desired. It might help keep them warm as they go through muddy woodlands, a new collection of decoys that won’t need as much time to establish, or just a good duck phone call.

Best Gifts for Duck Hunters

If you were to obtain any one of the products on the checklist for the duck hunter in your life, then they will be thinking of you the next time they go out to shoot down waterfowls.

1. MTM Shotshell/Choke Tube Case

Best Gifts for Duck Hunters

This case is the best method to move shotgun coverings as well as choke tubes. This has sufficient space for a hundred twelve scale coverings or fifty rounds of 10 gauge shells. Given that it is so portable, an individual can leave the shells in open boxes and pile them on top of each other. It also includes a removable, see-through choke tube case that holds tubes, lube, and wrenches if required.

Shotguns are the preferred device of option for duck hunters to fire waterfowl. They might have a short variety, yet buckshot has a far better opportunity of hitting something. This will go a long way to making certain that the hunter in your life has enough ammo on trips, and also the compact dimension makes it simple to bring. That is what makes it an excellent gift for any kind of duck seeker.

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2. AvianX Top Flight Duck Open Water Mallard Decoy

AvianX Top Flight Duck Open Water Mallard Decoy (6 Pack), Green

Avian-X calls this six-pack of drifting mallard decoys one of the most sensible set ever before made. The degree of realistic look in the paint jobs is impressive, while the rubber mold makes sure long-lasting longevity. The keel for these decoys is front-heavy; when incorporated with a swimming clip, it makes the decoys appear like real ducks swimming in the water. The decoys are extra-large to help them stand apart and bring in ducks from away, as well as they include either high or low heads. They will copy the activities of actual ducks to a T.

The factor that this pack produces a good present is that decoys play a large part in duck hunting. Ducks are most likely ahead closer to hunters if they think other ducks are nearby, drawing them within shooting array. A seeker requirement only waits on them resolve in, and afterward, take their shot, the target none the wiser. These decoys are required to have a gift for a hunter!.

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3. Duck, Duck, Goose

	 Duck, Duck, Goose: The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Waterfowl, Both Farmed and Wild

From the author of the award-winning blog site, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook comes a detailed cookbook to cooking waterfowls. This cookbook includes several different approaches from Duck Pho, to Mexican Duck with Green Mole, to Grilled Duck Breast.

Some people may quest and also kill ducks for the enjoyment of it, but others will certainly do it not just for sporting activity yet likewise for food. If you recognize a serious duck seeker who ruches as to consume what they earn from trips, then this is the most effective present they could request for. It also consists of overviews on each variety of waterfowl and also just how to tweeze and hang birds you shoot. They will certainly be for life thankfully if you give them the present of delicious food preparation, making this a fantastic gift.

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4. Ducks Unlimited Shooting Eyewear Kit

Best Gifts for Duck Hunters

The Ducks Unlimited shooting eyewear kit has every little thing a seeker needs for eyewear. Four interchangeable lenses can be switched out when needed clear, forest grey, brownish-yellow, and also vermillion. It additionally comes with a neoprene storage space situation as well as a microfiber cleaning cloth for security. The most effective part is, the wraparound lens protects the eyes from the front and also the side, keeping them secure.

This eyewear will certainly keep a seeker’s eyes risk-free if their weapon misfires, stopping blindness. They are a superb gift for any type of duck hunter for the vacations.

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5. ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Floating Deluxe Bag

ALPS OutdoorZ Deluxe Floating Blind Bag

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It is vital to carry your supplies with you when searching and also to keep them completely dry at all times. Even so, you might have to leave your bags behind if you have to go through water. With the ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Floating Deluxe Blind Bag, you will not need to stress this!

ALPS OutdoorZ’s blind bag is made from a special cell foam that keeps water from leaking within, protecting the contents within. As a benefit, it can drift on the water so that you can take it anywhere. Inside the bag, you will certainly locate various helpful functions. This consists of a detachable LED light; an optional interior divides a case for eyewear and a pocket for your mobile phone. There are even more pockets to keep supplies in, so an innovative seeker will certainly have plenty of areas to deal with.

The bag also has some external devices. The padded take care of and also shoulder strap give easy transport. There is additionally a hand warmer, a video game carry slip ring, as well as a belt for those shotgun shells and for wading in the water. This makes such a terrific present since it is tiny and easy to bring. It is excellent for a seeker.

6. Decoy Glove from Glacier Glove

Glacier Glove Pro Waterfowler Waterproof Neoprene Gloves

These decoy gloves from Glacier Glove are among the ideal in waterproof gloves. Extending up to an individual’s elbow joints, these handwear covers are made from 2 mm of an insulator called neoprene.

It is necessary to maintain warm and completely dry while hunting, so most hunters use protected handwear covers. In addition, the right camouflage can imply the distinction in between obtaining seen or not. The camo details on these gloves allow a person to blend in with the environment, making hunting much easier. These are an exceptional gift for any kind of duck hunter.

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5 Best Progressive Reloading Press – 2023 Buying Guide

Reloading presses are much extra costly as well as complicated than various other types, but if you have actually invested adequate time on a solitary phase press to discover the essentials and also obtain the hang of points, you must have no difficulty transitioning to a reloading press.

While there are various brand names and also models of reloading presses available, this write-up will certainly break down some of the lot more valuable functions and crucial factors to look for, as well as take an extra extensive appearance at some of the top progressive reloading presses in 2020.\

1. Hornady 85001 Lock and Load Classic Reloading Press

When it boils down to reload greater than one quality, the Hornady 85001 lock and load classic reloading press is one modern reloading press one can rely upon and also it comes with a quality lock and load classic reloading press assists to make changing qualities less complicated and also faster unlike in some low-grade reloading presses.

This timeless reloading press makes use of a single spin which helps in switching from one die to the various other as well as this gets rid of the requirement for loosening and also screwing as well as removing the demand for making any changes.

One advantage that this traditional refilling press from Hornady brings is it allows the customer to fill more shells in the very little time while various other notable features consist of; simple to grip manage, prime catcher, training manual, well-designed angle framework and also more.

Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press Kits


  • It is very easy to switch between dies and the primers.
  • It has the capacity of up to 500 rounds per hour.
  • It has automatic indexing.
  • It has quick-changing metering insects.
  • The powder drop is case activated.


  • It does not include dies.

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2. Lee Precision Load Master 45

The Lee Master 45 can be your less-expensive choice, while still supplying 400 rph-speed and five modern terminals. The style suits larger rifle cartridges as well as consists of automatic-indexing for consistent top quality. Change from quality to caliber efficiently with the detachable turret head. Set-up for certain calibers is extremely dependable, as the passes away continue to be in place, with uniformity in modification.

Simply change the covering plates and also you’re all set to work. The powder-measure system helps stop spilling and dripping. Suitable with a large range of die dimensions. This is still an extremely long-lasting unit, even at a lower cost. You may observe some small problems with the guide and also powder measure, though this depends on a whole lot on set up and the rate at which you operate.

Lee Precision Load Master 45 Reloading Pistol Kit


  • It is a relatively low price.
  • It comes with a standard set of 3 dies.
  • It is made up of sturdy cast aluminum.
  • It has a progressive press of 5 stations.



  • It does not have dies, shell holders, and shell plates for other calibers.

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3. Dillon Precision 16944 XL 650 9mm Progressive Reloading Machine

This is among the efficient and most reliable modern reloading presses that would discover offered today as it is particularly created to load concerning five hundred to 8 hundred rounds within an hour and also customers would find this modern reloading press rather simple to set up and work with as it shows off a basic design unlike other inadequately developed products on the market today which have complex and hard to recognize styles.


Sturdiness is just one of the important features of this product as it is made using premium products which do not just ensure long-lasting use yet also makes certain that this equipment endures strenuous and difficult outside use while a few of its intriguing and amazing features consist of; plastic round manage, power die, tool head, cartridge container and a lot more.


  • It is top quality press
  • It Saves time
  • The Functions as defined
  • Perfect size


  • It is a bit Costly.

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4. Dillon Precision 16940 XL 650 223 Progressive Reloading Machine

Best progressive refilling press Durability is just one of the crucial functions of this product as it is made using high-quality products which do not just guarantee lasting use however additionally makes certain that this maker sustains vigorous and difficult exterior usage while some of its interesting and exciting features consist of; a plastic round takes care of, the power dies, device head, cartridge container and also much more.

This is just one of the effective and most effective reloading presses that a person would certainly find readily available today as it is specially designed to load concerning five hundred to eight hundred rounds within an hr as well as users would discover this reloading press rather easy to set up and also work with as it boasts of a basic design unlike various other inadequately created products on the market today which have the facility and challenging to comprehend styles.

Dillon Precision 17950 550 650 Machine Aluminum Roller Handle Blue Fits 550/650


  • It is a well-developed machine.
  • It reloads quickly.
  • It provides top performance.


  • It needs perseverance throughout setup.

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5. RCBS 9356 Rock Chucker Supreme

The RCBS Pro Chucker 5 is a 5-station automobile index reloading press that might pack about 600 rounds per hr. With its quick-change metering system, you can keep the action on when draining powder.

The RCBS Pro Chucker 5 Progressive Reloading Press uses basic guide grab tubes yet features a safety-shielded priming system. One point that makes it so convenient to use is that invested primers are instantly gone down and assisted in a garbage receptacle.

Apart from the press assembly, each acquisition comes with case-activated powder action linkage and die, pass away the plate, 4 primer tubes, invested primer tube, security shield as well as the cap, ammo container, deal with assembly, and all the small components called for to set up the whole press.

If the moment ever comes that you feel you need an upgrade, the RCBS Pro Chucker 5 Progressive Reloading Press can easily be converted into a 7-station press via a set that’s sold individually.

RCBS 9356 Rock Chucker Supreme Press by RCBS


  • It comes with 5-station vehicle indexing.
  • It has around 600 rounds per hr.
  • Quick-change die plate.
  • Quick-change metering system.
  • Safety-shielded priming system
  • Spent primers are successfully cast away
  • Optional conversion kit upgrades to 7-station pre

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6. Lee Precision Classic Turret Press

LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press (Red)

The Lee Precision classic turret press takes pride in a hard iron framework that tends to support ram with a location that measures up to twelve inches while its long-stroke turret also makes certain three inches or even more rifle situations can be filled conveniently making use of the automated index.

One outstanding feature of the Lee Precision Classic Turret Press is its inflexible and also heavy-duty building and construction that makes it very long-lasting, endure tough and also vigorous usage along with ensuring it lasts for a long time while its ram is with the give guides totally making use of a clear PVC tube.


  • Suggested for beginners.
  • Easy to use as well as likewise simple to set up.
  • Sturdy construction promotes resilience.
  • Functions extremely well as it aids in reloading several rounds.


  • The item does not come with a few of its parts like its washing machine.

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